Specifications of Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells for wind turbine and nuclear power scenarios
To assess the economic pertinence of High Temperature Steam Electrolysis (HTSE) for hydrogen production and more specifically of the technology considered here, specifications for industrial electrolysers interfaced with either nuclear power plant or with renewable energy (wind turbine) have been identified and analysed. The approach has consisted in transforming the hydrogen production cost (expressed as costs for installation, for operation, for maintenance and for end of life options) into cell operating conditions (operating temperature and pressure, level of cell performance at a nominal operating point, durability and robustness upon load transient) and cell characteristics (active area, steam utilisation, etc.). This has given a complete set of HTSE properties from the end user point of view, to be iterated with the component development team.

Significant differences between the two scenarios were found regarding production rate, load following capabilities or lifetime. Despite these differences the specifications expressed at the level of the individual cell appeared to be remarkably similar as shown in table 1.1.